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Learning Objectives of Workshops

WS 1 - Injectables 1 - Basic Botulinium Toxin :

The WS addresses basic injection techniques and indications of Botulinium toxin. It stresses on structural and functional anatomic features that are key for safe injections. It guides the participants to learn the step-by-step administration of botulinum toxin injections on the upper face, including treatment of the forehead, glabella, brow and crow's feet. It defines correct injection points and dosage necessary for each area in male and female with tips to prevent complications, mesobotox among one of the highlights.

WS 2 - Chemical Peels :

Chemical peel is the humblest of the procedure being done by Dermatologist. Often, we find the simplest of procedures are the most complex to conduct. Here the aim is to simplify the procedure of chemical peel and decode the newer peels available in the market. The delegates will understand different formulation suitable for various skin types, care to be taken in each areas and indications with proper step by step demonstration by masters.

WS 3 - Dermatosurgery of face :

The participants will learn common surgeries on face with special emphasis around eyes, ears, lips and nose. It includes demonstration of various techniques of ear lobe repair from experts. Learn right technique of nose and ear piercing, ear lobe keloid surgeries, excision of periocular xanthelesma, excision technique for facial scars, lip lesions like mucocoele and vitiligo.

WS 4 - Dermascopy and Trichoscopy :

The participants will be able to learn and competently understand and dermatoscopic pattern of normal scalp, hair, skin and nail. They will learn dermascopic patterns of pathological conditions from experts. The experts would share their knowledge helping the delegates to deduce clinico-dermascopic correlation in the arena of various skin, scalp and nail diseases.

WS 5 - Instant Office Procedures :

Various instant interventions are commonly performed in dermatology OPD. The WS aims to learn thest simplest procedures with experts to improvise our skills with newer modifications. It includes demonstration of top ten office based dermatologic procedures such as active acne surgeries, extraction of milia, molluscum and comedones, tackling benign lesions of face with RF, intralesional/intramatrix injections, intralesional bleomycin therapy, autologous inoculation for verruca, intralesional cryotherapy and intralesional RF etc.

WS 6 - Laser for Hair removal :

Delegates will understand and learn the present treatment modalities, indications and new innovative techniques and technologies as well as technical protocols, settings for safe and effective LHR and also essential clinical tips to ensure the optimal hair reduction.

WS 7 - Basic Dermatosurgery :

Basic excision skills & suturing techniques are demonstrated by experts for common indications such as mole surgeries, corn, lipoma and cysts excisions etc. To demonstrate various excision techniques like elliptical, crescentic and S excisions. Learn tips to select the appropriate suture materials, techniques for placing an effective dermal and epidermal suture.

WS 8 - Injectables 2 - Basic Fillers :

Mid face augmentation is the most sought basic procedure. Delegates will learn how to identify different types of ageing related drooping of fat pads of face and corrections of each type and corrections in differences between male and female face. It includes of correction of nasolabial folds, cheek augmentation in young adults etc. WS emphasizes to understand the danger zones and correct injection techniques

WS 9 - Acne Scar Management :

The participants will achieve great understanding of comprehensive management of acne scars starting from appropriate case selection to execution of treatment. It includes demonstration of different techniques and approaches ranging from basic acne, scar surgeries to the use of lasers and energy-base devices. The highlights are acne scar surgeries (Subcision, bilevel subcision, punch techniques, dermal grafts), laser resurfacing, micro needling, MNRF (micro needling RF), fillers and PRP

WS 10 - Periorbital Rejuvenation :

To understand the complexity, types and grading of POM. To assess and strategizes the treatment modalities for common complaints is periorbital area like dark circles, crow's feet, eyelid bags, dry skin, thin skin and complaints like just "looking tired". It includes demonstration of peels, lasers, Botulinium toxins, fillers etc.

WS 11 - Lasers for Pigmentation and Tattoo :

The participants will achieve great understanding of the principles behind lasers and light devices in tackling pigmentation. The topics covered are use of Q-Switched lasers, fractional lasers, vascular lasers, IPL and combination lasers for hyperpigmentation (Melasma, Nevi, freckles, PIH and Toning). The WS aims at tackling multi-coloured tattoos with right selection of wavelength and demonstration of RO, R20 and combination techniques for faster results. Picosecond laser for pigmentation is the highlight of workshop.

WS 12 - Assorted Diagnostic Procedures :

The delegates will get an opportunity to update their knowledge on various diagnostic procedures. It includes various biopsy techniques, patch test, bed side microscopy, light microscopy for hair, clinical bed side tests, prick tests and relevance of ASST etc.

WS 13 - Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) :

The delegates will learn the procedural technique of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) preparation and delivering techniques. They will be demostrated different methods, different PRP components like Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM), conventional vs, commercial kit PRP preparation etc. Demonstration of injection techniques for hair loss, acne scars and vampire lift etc.

WS 14 - Vitiligo Surgery - Basics :

The participants will be understanding selection criteria, stability issues and various grafting techniques with emphasis on basic vitiligo surgeries like MPG, FUE technique, split thickness and suction blister grafting. It includes video demonstrations of above techniques with modifications, limitations and possible side effects thus helping to choose the right surgery for the right site.

WS 15 - Body contouring :

The participants will be sensitized on non-invasive body contouring techniques. It includes HIFU, contact and noncontact radiofrequency, laser lipolysis, cryolipolysis and injection lipolysis.

WS 16 - Micropigmentation :

Micropigmentation is the most evolving technique of camouflage. The participants will learn tools and pigments used in micropigmentation. The highlights are demonstration of technique of scalp micropigmentation, micropigmentation for vitiligo, microblading (eyebrow) and permanent eyeliner.

WS 17 - Facial rejuvenation :

The delegates should be able to learn and understand selection of cases, appropriate treatment modalities like Laser, PRP, mesobotox, RF and HIFU for specific indications.

WS 18 - Injectables 3 - Advanced Botulinium Toxin :

The delegate will learn how to identify the indications for mid face and lower face Botulinium toxin and selecting an ideal patient for each indication. Highlights are demonstration of injection techniques, appropriate dosage for mid and lower face indications such as bunny lines, gummy smile, masseter hypertrophy, Marionette line, lower eyelid, upper and lower lip, chin, Nefertiti lift and platysmal bands with tips and tricks from experts.

WS 19 - Injectables 4 - Advanced filler :

It is a detailed workshop on fillers that includes temple augmentation, tear trough filling, lip augmentation, chin augmentation with procedural demonstrations. Learn about zones and correct injection techniques and relevent procedure to be used in each area. The new concepts in injection techniques like point lifts to multi-plane "sandwich" injection techniques are some of the highlights.

WS 20 - Hair Transplantation :

The participants will learn to identify candicates for hair transplantation, indications, complications, Do's and Don'ts of surgery. It includes a comprehensive video demonstration of strip harvest, follicular unit extraction, designing hairlines and implantation techniques.

WS 21 - Thread lift :

The delegates will have critical learning of this controversial yet popular aesthetic procedure. It lists the various types of threads with advantages and disadvantages. Highlights are demonstration of barbed threads, cogged threads and cone threads by experts for various indications.

WS 22 - Surgery on Male genitalia :

The participants will understand relevant anatomy, excision biopsy for lesions of external genitalia demonstration of circumcision and various techniques, frenuloplasty, reduction of phymosis and removal of scrotal cysts.

WS 23 - Advanced Vitiligo Surgery :

This session is directed towards sharing knowledge from experts in the field on various techniques. Highlights are, epidermal cell suspension, follicular cell suspension and excision of lip vitiligo.

WS 24 - Procedural Intervention in FPHL :

Participants will understand various procedural interventions in FPHL. It enables one to understand when. where and how to select the procedures for optimal outcome, including demonstration of PRP, FUE, SMP and role of LLLT.

WS 25 - Organization of Dermatology office :

The participants will know the logistics of setting up of dermatology office / clinic. To understand and implement dynamics of clinic location, demography of patient population and intricacies of clinical practice. They will acquire in depth knowledge of in house management with respect to staff, software, patient support and ancillary services. To inculcate and execute revenue generation and financial management.

WS 26 - Nail Surgery :

The participants will recite the anatomy of the nail and indications of nail surgeries. They will learn different nail biopsies, intra matrix injection, various technique to tackle ingrown toe nail and pincer nail deformity with special emphasis on treatment of periungual warts, chronic paronychia and surgeries of common nail tumours.

WS 27 - Cryotherapy and Sclerotherapy :

The participants will understand the common indications and techniques of cryotherapy. The highlights are demonstration of safe technique of surface cryotherapy for warts, keloid, soft corns and benign lesions. Highlights are intralesional, fractional cryotherapy and aesthetic indications of sclerotherapy.

WS 28 - Advanced Dermatosurgery :

The participants will learn proper surgical planning and implement the necessary techniques to perform advanced surgical procedures like dimple creation, Blepharoplasty and scar revisions.