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18th January, 2019

Srilanka TopicDurationFaculty
Topic : Cutaneous Leishmaniasis : Sri Lankan Scenario.
Chairperson – Dr. Janaka Akarawita.
Co-chairperson – Dr. Indira Kahawita.
1Introduction & Epidemiology10 minDr. Indira Kahawita
2Clinical Presentation10 min Dr. Sanjeewa Hulangamuwa
3Laboratory Diagnosis10 minDr. Binari Wijenaayaka
4Treatment Options10 minDr. Nayani Madarasinghe
5New Trends in Treatment10 minDr. Deepani Munidasa
6Prevention10 min Dr. Poorna Weerasinghe
SARAD TopicDurationFaculty
Topic : Best of SARAD
Chairperson :- Dr. Sudip Parajuli, Nepal
Co Chairperson :- Dr. Zeenat Meraj Shopna, Bangladesh
1Welcome address / Getting to know SARAD: What we are and what we plan to do5 minDr. Gupta
2Role of pulse itraconazole with adjuvant isotretoin daily in cases of resistant Dermatophytosis6 minProf. Hasibur Rahman
3Addressing Dermatophytosis : Experience from SAARC region, Panel discussion , Moderator:20 minProf. Suresh Joshipura
4Steroid induced dermatoses: Emerging problem in the sub-continent6 minProf. DB Pokhrel
5Experience of Combination of Rifampicin & Clindamycin in cases of Hidradenitis Suppuritiva6 minProf. Asif Zaman
6Unmet needs in Dermatology of SAARC regions: from neglected disease to rare and beyond6 minDr. Janaka
7Global Aesthetic trends: SAARC perspective6 minDr. Shamim
8Closing remarks5 minDr. Jayadev Betkerur
a. Dr Hasibur Rahman, Bangladesh Dermatological Society
b. Dr Nujha/ Haikal, Maldivian Society of Dermatology
c. Dr Indira Kahawita, Srilanka
d. Dr Ajay Kumar, Nepal
e. Dr Sushil Paudel, SODVELON
ITALY TopicDurationFaculty
Chairperson :- Prof Harvey Lui
Co Chairperson :- Prof. Ketty Peris
1Nails : What’s new for diagnosis?12 minProf. Giovanni Pellacani
2Hair and dermoscopy : making life easier with a practical approach12 minProf. Caterina Longo
3Rejuvenation and beyond: How to look young and naturally beautiful12 minDr. Francesca Farnetani
4Psoriasis : new therapies and how to manage difficult scenarios12 minDr. Nancy Dattola
5Atopic dermatitis: news from the world12 minProf. Ketty Peris
South Africa TopicDurationFaculty
Chairperson :- Dr. Raj Singh
Co Chairperson :- Dr. Radhika Singh
1Welcome5 minDr. Raj Singh
2Dermatology in South Africa15 minDr. Raj Singh
3An overview of cosmeceuticals15 minDr. Y Lalloo
4Keloids15 minDr. I Jhetam
5Interesting cases from a busy dermatology practice15 minDr. R Mfopu
6Management of neonatal hemangiomas20 minDr. Radhika Singh

19th January, 2019

China TopicDurationFaculty
Chairperson :- Prof. Jianzhong Zhang
Co-chairperson :- Prof. Jie Zheng
1Atopic Dermatitis: Chinese Perspective.Jianzhong Zhang
2Why Psoriasis Vulgaris Recur After External Application of Glucocorticoids?Jie Zheng
3Aberrant Epigenetic Regulation in PsoriasisQianjin Lu
4leprosy control in ChinaFuren Zhang
5Oral itraconazole for treatment of infantile hemangiomas: Updated clinical and mechanism researchYuping Ran
Arab Academy of Dermatology and Aesthetics TopicDurationFaculty
Chairperson :- Dr. Nawaf AlMutairi
Co-Chairperson :- Dr Ahmed Alwaily
1Oral biologic agents for management of psoriasis- Are they any better? 12 minDr. Nawaf AlMutairi
2Transient neonatal dermatosis: Things you do not need to worry about! 12 minDr. Fahad Aljami
3Neurotoxins for face: Practical tips12 minDr. Nadia Ismaili
4STI’s in HIV era- Rare pictures 12 minDr. Bayoumi Ellssa
5Filling the vaccum: Detailed who’s who in Fillers 12 minDr. Hasan Galadari
6IPL treatment of nevus of Ota12 minDr. Ahmed Al Waily
7Standard patch test series: A report from Libya12 minDr. Fathi Al Sanousi
Singapore TopicDurationFaculty
Topic : Best of Singapore Dermatology
Chairperson :- Dr. Ang Chia Chun
Co-Chairperson :- Dr. Nisha Suyien Chandran
1A spectrum of dermatological cases in HIV-positive patients 15 minDr. Martin Chio
2Fascinating medical dermatology from a Singapore tertiary centre15 minDr. Nisha Suyien Chandran
3Cutaneous lymphoma experience in Singapore 15 minDr. Tee Shang Ian
4Reducing diagnostic errors in Dermatology: 3 lessons from Singapore15 minDr. Ang Chia Chun
5Pharmacogenomics in Singapore15 minDr. Lim Yen Loo
6Interactive Clinico-Pathological Case Discussion15 minDr. Joel Lim Hua Liang
Dr. Sam Yang Shiyan